Terry Betzelberger has experience in virtually every area of professional investing, from broker and portfolio manager to owner and administrator. But he says the experience that makes him a more effective money manager and a better human being occurred outside the financial services industry.

"In 1999, after helping to negotiate the sale of the brokerage firm that I managed, I took some time off to figure out what I wanted to do next," Terry explains. "Being home with my family - spending more time with my kids - dramatically changed my priorities."

Prior to that, Terry had focused most of his energies on building a career. "I'd leave the house before seven in the morning, before the kids were up, and arrive home after dark, usually just in time to kiss them goodnight." Terry decided that his next professional venture must be structured to give him more time to spend with his family, including wife Ruth Ann and children Jennie, Charlie and Erik. As a result, he now gets home in time to have dinner with the family and rarely misses a special event his youngsters are involved in at school or in the community.

Terry applies family values to his relationships with LBW clients. "I truly understand that there are more important things in life than money," he says. "What I want to do is help the people whose investments we manage secure, through sound, low risk investments, the money they need to live the kind of lives they want."

Terry can deliver on this commitment because he has over 20 years of solid professional investing experience. Although he entered the world of business in the mid-1980s as an accountant, Terry soon joined a brokerage firm at the urging of a friend. Later, as an owner/partner of a regional investment banking firm, he mastered the nuts and bolts of raising capital for companies. Eventually, he managed the operation for Birchtree Financial Services; under his oversight, the brokerage firm grew from less than 40 brokers operating in a handful of states to more than 200 brokers in all 50 states. Terry has an ongoing relationship with Moloney Securities, a brokerage firm run by brokers for brokers.

In 2001, Terry joined forces with Joe Weinrich, Sr. (whom he worked with at Birchtree) and Stan Levitt to form LBW. "In my opinion, affordable, unbiased professional advice - based on an in-depth review of client needs - is the missing piece of the investment pie," he says.

Terry, who lives in Johnson County with his family, is a past president and current member of the Board of Directors of the ALS Association Keith Worthington Chapter, a past member of the Board of Trustees for the National ALS Association (ALSA) and is active in his church.


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Joe Weinrich is a gregarious fellow who is always willing to stop what he is doing to speak to a client. "If Penny, our assistant, is busy, I'll answer the phone," he says. "I like talking to people."

Joe has a knack for establishing an instant rapport with almost anyone he meets. This appealing trait has served him well during his many years in the financial services business. As a broker, portfolio manager and independent investment consultant, he has helped thousands of individual and institutional clients increase their wealth.

A St. Louis brokerage firm gave Joe his first job in the industry. "I was just out of high school," he recalls. "I guess they liked me because they sent me to night school at St. Louis University." He stayed with the firm for 20 years, eventually becoming regional director over four states.

When Joe established his own brokerage firm in 1974, he started with 11 employees and $200,000 in annual revenues. Ten years later, his brokerage firm had more than 600 employees and $30 million in annual revenues. Other accomplishments that make Joe proud: 1) playing a pivotal role in arranging the sale of Birchtree Financial Services to H & R Block; 2) serving as managing partner of B.C. Christopher; and 3) overseeing the investments of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Benefit Association for the last 25 years.

Joe has always been eager to share his business and investment acumen with the community. He is a mentor for the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, which provides intensive support to people operating relatively new business ventures. In addition, for more than 20 years, he co-hosted a local radio call-in show, Let's Talk About Investing.

As an LBW founding partner, Joe says the time is ripe for a money manager committed to personal service. "More and more people are recognizing that they aren't doing a very good job of managing their own investments," he explains. "In fact, there is a growing trend in the industry for do-it-yourselfers to hand over their investments to professionals. At LBW, we want a lot more than your business; we want to earn your trust by putting together a personalized portfolio that reflects your goals and values."

Joe lives in Johnson County with his wife Sharon. He has three children and nine grandchildren.

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Lowell Benson knows almost everything about analyzing both the market and the individual stocks, bonds and other fixed-income securities that LBW might acquire for clients.

He knows so much in part because he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), among one of the first in the nation to achieve this status. (CFAs undertake a rigorous, three-year program of study that addresses virtually every aspect of how the market works; they must pass a comprehensive examination considered similar in difficulty to the bar exam taken by lawyers.)

Since the 1950s, Lowell has worked for a variety of banks and investment advisory firms, including Waddell & Reed and Robert H. Murray Partners, where he was a partner. He has managed millions of dollars in pension funds for companies and organizations, such as Texas Instruments; the Missouri State Retirement System; the City of Kansas City, Missouri; and KCMO Firefighters. He has also managed the portfolios of individuals and small businesses.

Although the newest member of the LBW money management team has earned a reputation for growing the assets of the "big guys," he has a singular vision when it comes to the investment prospects of ordinary people. "They can accumulate a considerable amount of money with professional money management," he insists. "The average person lacks the time and patience to constantly monitor the market and the skills to fully evaluate the huge number of investment securities that are available at any point in time.

"I think a lot of people assume that professional money management is expensive. It isn't. In fact, it costs less than putting your money in a mutual fund. And the results are usually much better."

Lowell regularly volunteers his time to educate the less fortunate about the benefits of investing. He teaches basic money management strategies to teens at the Salvation Army branch at 9th and Bellefontaine, where he is a board member. "These are urban core kids who have never had much money and believe that they probably never will," he explains. "I show them how, through the power of compound interest, they can over time earn $1 million by investing just a little bit of money every month. If I can convince them to start setting aside money for the future while they are still young, they will have so many more options in their lives."

Lowell, a Chicago native, lives in Johnson County with his wife Joan. He has two adult daughters and four grandchildren.



Penny Gallo is probably the first person you will encounter when calling LBW. As executive assistant, she answers the phones, processes client statements and performs a number of other client service functions.

"I'm here to help people in any way I can, whether that means connecting them to a professional money manager or responding to a simple query about their account," Penny says. Partner Joe Weinrich, Sr., refers to her as "our fix-it gal." "Penny is good at tracking down information, solving problems and just getting things done."

Penny didn't hesitate a moment when she was offered an opportunity to join the LBW team several years ago. That's because she loved working with Joe Weinrich and Terry Betzelberger when all three were at the same brokerage firm in the late 1990s.

"There are so many things I like about LBW," she says. "I enjoy the people as well as the fast pace of the financial services industry. As a mom, I really appreciate the family values of my bosses."

Another aspect of LBW that Penny finds refreshing is the firm's commitment to building strong client relationships. "I've been at other companies where the client is just a number, a source of profit," she explains. "It's never been like that here. We are encouraged to get to know our clients and their families."

Penny and her two children, Joey and Andrea, live in Johnson County.



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